A New Day and a New Handbag

We have all been there.  You need a new handbag, but you don’t exactly know what to buy.  In my case, I need a new handbag for work and travel.  I prefer it to be the same bag and use them interchangeably.  But if you have been shopping and browsing the stores lately, you know how dull many of the large work bags are.  They look like something an insurance man would carry to a conference in Ohio.  They are bulky, not fashionable and often constructed of boring black nylon.  Not something I exactly want to carry when working in the fashion world.  When you work in an industry like mine, everything you wear and carry is judged.  I hate to say it and I know it sounds bad, but we live in a world where you are now your own brand and you have to present yourself in the best way possible at all times.  Not that fashion has made me self-centered, but I work around stylists and editors all day which means I like to be on my A game.  Over the years I’ve developed my own style which I’m proud of.  I prefer an elegant, but understated look.  Charcoal cashmere and relaxed pants?  Basically my look all of the time except in summer.  I need the perfect work handbag that matches my relaxed but polished look.

Last night I sat down with a stack of new fashion magazines and of course a glass of wine.  Flipping through each one, I marked each page that contained a large handbag that I liked.  There were several large handbags that looked amazing.  Clicking from website to website I bookmarked a few that were remarkable.  I printed these out as I good look at them throughout the days and they also contained measurements.  What is important to me is that a work bag is large enough for my Macbook with enough room left over to also hold magazines, papers, two smartphones.  You get the idea; I carry a lot of essentials on a daily basis.  When I travel, all of it goes with me.  A great carry-on bag needs the same amount of room as I use for work, but also a bit more so I can easily transport skincare and makeup products.  Today after much research I hit ‘buy’ and purchased a large satchel from a line called PLIA Designs.

Designer Handbags

As many of you are aware, PLIA Designs creates a range of handbags that fit effortlessly into the modern fashionable’s wardrobe.  The bag I ordered is their new satchel and I absolutely love the design and silhouette.  It has top handles, but it also contains a detachable shoulder strap.  Rushing through airports, I know from experience, I often need a hands free bag.  I’m super excited for my new handbag to arrive.  I own and carry several designer handbags from PLIA Designs’ and I couldn’t be happier with them.  They fit seamlessly into my life and I’m sure my new work bag will as well.

My Love for Beautiful Designer Handbags

In my last memoir I made no secret how much I love clothing and fashion in general.  Fashion has played a huge part in my life over the years.  Both of my parents are fashion designers and as an actor, I’m surrounded by clothing all of the time.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m friends with many famous designers and stylists who are constantly gifting me free clothing.  Over the past year I built a massive walk-in closet.  I have the sort of wardrobe that is envied by many.  I’m not bragging, but simply stating a fact.  I love fashion and I think it should be celebrated.  Fashion is a huge business and a big chunk of the world’s economy.  Many people think it’s silly to be interested in fashion and to me that mentality is crazy.  Fashion is big business and people should take an interest in it.  I see how how hard my parents work and at times it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes they create amazing clothes and accessories that do not receive any sort of praise from the fashion press.  The fashion world is very competitive.  Designers are all vying for only a few spots in monthly fashion glossies.

Along with fashion, I’m also very partial to designer handbags.  When I’m on location shooting a film, I always make sure to figure out the local shopping.  I love nothing more than visiting local boutiques and even shopping malls.  I’ve found many fashion gems in far flung locales while shooting.  Shopping in a local area also gives you a different perspective.  You get more of an idea about local taste and what people like.  Sometimes a certain style will be popular in one city, but in another city something completely different is trending.  I’ve recently discovered that Salzburg has some amazing shops.  In between shooting, I’ve been stopping into quant little boutiques and discovering some major fashion talent.  I have a soft spot for European designers as do many.  They express their views on style and even the world through their designs and it’s so refreshing to see.  European designers also have an amazing flare with accessories.  Some of their understated sensibilities translate well into handbags and leather goods.  Do you frequent any European cities where you absolutely love to shop?  I’d like to know which ones provide amazing fashion that is different from the rest of the world.

designer handbags

I have one smallish walk-in closet that is just dedicated to all of my designer handbags.  Many of these beautiful bags were purchased in different cities all over the globe.  Some of my favorites are custom made exclusively for me.  It’s easy to fall in love with handbags.  They are fun to carry and usually pair well with many different outfits.  Next week my handbag closet will be photographed for VOGUE.  I look forward to presenting a few of my favorite luxurious designer handbags to photographers.  I don’t think my love for beautiful handbags will ever wane.  They are truly gems!

designer handbags

PLIA Designs Major New Designer Handbags

I receive literally hundreds of email pitches a day.  When I scan the email headlines in my in-box, I’m always intrigued by new product launches.  The good PR’s know to make a headline crisp, but informative.  99% of the time I will open an email about new launches and new products.  After all, it’s product that makes the fashion world go around.  I don’t care about press releases.  Press releases can be so boring.  Save those for the auto industry.  What I want to know is what the new products are, how much do they cost, where can we buy them and most of all, pictures.  Pictures attached to new product launch emails are essential.  If I need high res, then I will ask for them.  But crisp product on a white background that easily load in the email are essential.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted emails that were took so long to download because of heavy attachments.  Those aren’t necessary at all.  And I also don’t like too wordy of emails.  Just get to the facts in a fast way and cover all of your ground without writing too much.

One Friday before leaving work, I opened an email about a new product launch from PLIA Designs.  Some of the chicest women I know carry PLIA Designs designer handbags.  The brand is known for crafting some of the most exquisite handbags and leather goods in the world.  When you carry something from PLIA Designs, it’s beyond luxury.  Their quality and craftsmanship is on a completely higher level than any other brand out there.  The designers behind the line don’t churn out many collections a year.  Instead, they choose to focus on quality and what the market place actually needs.  I’ve personally always favored fashion brands that don’t feel the need to make so many collections a year that no one can keep up with what they actually stand for.  Over the years I have come to rely on PLIA Designs for a few very solid collections of leather goods that are incredibly versatile and that I know will be used in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.  You have to respect a line that thinks of quality and usability of their products over profit.  When a brand really resonates with me, I remember them and I’m more apt to read an email from one of their PR.

The email contained a brief description of their newest collection.  It’s called the Pixie mini-Reid collection.  And just as I loved, there were crisp photos of their new bags at the end of the email.  It also loaded incredibly easily.  I loved all four of their new Pixie mini satchel bags and so I emailed the PR back requesting all of them for a magazine story.  PLIA Designs’ original Reid satchel bags are iconic designer handbags and really made a hit in the fashion world.  Not only were they groundbreaking when originally introduced, but they hold so much.  I use my PLIA Designs satchel on a near daily basis.  I love how it perfectly holds my MacBook Pro.  So I knew right away that their newest launch would be a hit and I had to be one of the first to write about it.  Mini handbags are all of the craze lately and I see them being around for a while.  The Pixie isn’t super small, it measures a bit more than nine inches wide, so it can fit many of your daily essentials such as iPhone 6 plus, a mini iPad, a wallet, and a small makeup bag.  It even fits a water bottle inside.  Within a few minutes I received a reply that the new little handbags would be delivered Monday morning.

designer handbags

Normally I love my weekends to decompress and make recipes I’ve found on Pinterest, but that weekend I was completely ready for Monday to arrive.  And it did faster that I thought.  Monday morning at exactly 10 AM, FedEx delivered several packages to my office.  I made sure to find PLIA Designs boxes first.  There were two and I ripped into them like a little kid on Christmas morning.  The Pixie handbags were major.  I lined all four of them up on my desk and snapped a shot to share on Instagram.  Right away there was over 1.5 thousand likes.  I knew my readers would love to know more about these cute mini handbags.  Even though this is just a short post, I wanted to share with you what I am going to write about PLIA Designs new designer handbags.  The colors of their new bags are so versatile.  No doubt they will sell out like all of their handbags.  Once my article is published, I’ll let you all know here.  Watch out for this space concerning PLIA Designs major new handbag launch.

My Perfect New Handbags

Several weeks ago I was lamenting to my bestie how hard it is to find the perfect handbag.  I love a untilitarian look, but also something that fringes on feminine.  Nothing over the top and nothing underwhelming.  It doesn’t matter to me if a celeb carries a certain handbag.  That does not sway my buying decision at all.  But what I want is to fall in love at first sight.  I want to be blown away when I buy a new handbag or even several handbags at one time.  Overall look and silhouette matters a lot to me.  Craftsmanship is also high on my list when choosing the perfect handbag.  What good is a two thousand dollar handbag if it falls apart within six months?  I love a bag that lasts a long time.  One made of beautiful leather where the patina changes over time.

As we talked, she wanted me to tell her about my favorite handbags and if I’d bought anything new to carry recently.  I told her just the other day I ordered two new designer handbags.  I needed them for an upcoming trip, for work, and for daily life such as parties I would be attending.  The bags I ordered are from PLIA Designs.  She wanted to know even more, so we logged onto their website with her iPad.  We marveled at the collections.  All of the beautiful designer handbags from PLIA Designs were aplenty.  Each collection contained a specific design with beautiful leathers and fabrics.  Some of the fabrics have amazingly creative prints.  We arrived to the Eloise clutch bags and I pointed out what one I’d ordered.  The lambskin looked so lovely and buttery soft.  Next we moved on to the French Toast collection.  These totes are chic, but large.  Large enough to hold all of the things I tote around each day.  You know how it is.  Laptop, magazines, notebooks, iPad, phones, etc.  Literally, I carry everything but the kitchen sink.

designer handbags

The last collection I showed her were PLIA Designs satchel bags.  I was looking forward to this new designer bag so much it hurt.  I couldn’t wait for UPS to knock on my door.  I’d ordered Queen Street in the gorgeous navy leather.  The black leather trim and flap were equally as beautiful.  The interior is crafted of custom quilted fabric.  I knew this would be the perfect handbag for my upcoming trip.  PLIA Designs makes the most beautiful designer handbags and they are defintely my new favorite handbags.

What is In Style Now

It’s that time of year to weigh in on what is in style at the moment. In my line of work, I get to know what all of the fashion insiders are swooning over. Fashion insiders are those who stay up-to-the-minute with new collections, the latest trends, special events and exclusive content. They know exactly what is going on in the world of fashion and they are never skip a beat when it comes to dissevering new designers and brands. After all, many of the worlds most famous editors are true fashion insiders. That’s what separates normal editors from the ultra fabulous editors. Ultra fabulous editors love the art of discovery within the fashion world.

I recently met a dear friend for dinner. She happens to be one of the top fashion editors and I love hearing her opinions on fashion and what is in style. Not only is her editing great, but she has amazing personal taste and style as well. She dresses so well and I know many try to copy her clothing and looks. Good taste is not always easy to come by, but she makes it look so effortless. We met at Fat Radish. I know it’s uber trendy, but I actually love the food at this restaurant. The ingredients are so fresh and colorful. The cocktails are perfectly mixed and I love the wine list. Any chance I get, I try to eat here. The fashion crowd likes it as well, so I knew my editor friend would not be disappointed. After we were seated and cocktails ordered, we launched right into what was hot at the moment. She knows how much I love leather goods and accessories so I told her to spill the beans about that topic first.


Designer Handbags


She was happy to tell me about a new handbag label she’d discovered. Just last week she’d flown to Paris to meet the designers behind the line and to visit their design studio and showroom. At the showroom, she interviewed the duo behind PLIA Designs. As she kept talking she told me PLIA Designs makes some of the most beautiful designer handbags she’d every laid eyes on. I knew it must be a special brand for her to gush like this. She isn’t one to talk on and on as she’s seen nearly everything pertaining to fashion. She said they were the most sought after handbags in the world and that after her article came out, they would be completely sold out. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of PLIA Designs’ designer bags.

Lovely Designer Handbags

Handbags have been around for centuries. In the past, men were even known to carry handbags. Today if a man carries a satchel for work or travel, we call it a man purse or even a ‘murse.’ Little girls often carry a purse to imitate their mothers. I know several friends who carried small handbags when they were just two or three. Most of the time the handbags were empty or maybe a crayon was inside, but for the most part they wanted to be just like the grown up ladies they saw around them. Imitation is the highest form of flattery they say.

From a very young age, girls are tuned into what others are wearing and carrying. Carrying a handbag for many women is the same as putting on shoes in the morning. They won’t leave the house without one. This is why luxury labels have such an effect on consumers. At such a small age, children are exposed to designer labels and logos. Even if their parents don’t wear the labels, children recognize the brand and their branding efforts from magazines and advertisements. Brand recognition begins early for many humans. A person may dislike shopping, but even those types of consumers still know and understand a label and have the ability to acknowledge and distinguish between luxury brands.

There is a luxury brand on my radar that many other fashion insiders also adore. They specialize in women’s accessories. The brand is PLIA Designs and they craft the most delicious designer handbags, purses, satchels, and leather goods. What I love about PLIA Designs is it is not logo based. Their handbags are not splashed with gaudy logos and they are incredibly serious about craftsmanship. This is a luxury brand for the discerning customer. If you must show the world your status by displaying a gaudy logo, then this is not the brand for you. Logo lovers are better off shopping at TJ Maxx as much of their merchandise in the handbags and accessories area is smothered with logos. You can’t pick up a bag without it having at least 2 logos imprinted on the fabric or leather.

Designer Handbags

But there are also many people like me who prefer a quiet and low key luxury experience. We don’t need to brag and let everyone know the cost of what we are wearing or carrying. PLIA Designs is the perfect luxury handbag label because it is so discreet.

My New Autumn Clutches

Summer is nearing to an end and my wardrobe is screaming for new clutches and handbags for autumn. I especially need new clutches. A style and silhouette that is large enough to hold more than a cell phone, but not too big that it looks gigantic and cartoonish. Sometimes overly big clutches can look really awkward. I also prefer leather that is sturdy, but not too stiff. I have noticed many popular clutches have thin leather and when you put something inside it makes the clutch sag and look messy. Maybe a hipster likes lifeless leather, but I do not.

I also wanted clutches with color or at least an interesting print. Something that would go with a variety of outfits even those for work. There are times when I only carry my iPad to work so it would be feasible to use a new clutch on those days. I recently bought q keyboard for my iPad and I find it very easy to write my fashion reviews this way. Of course I’m attached to my laptop, but it’s nice to be able to use just one tech item for word processing and the iPad is so slim.

Several of my fashion editor friends recently bought beautiful clutches from PLIA Designs. This brand makes a range of designer handbags, satchels, purses, carryalls, and leather goods. One friend told me she liked it because it fit her iPad inside. Well after hearing that I knew I immediately must look into the line. I was forwarded PLIA Designs website. I spent a long time viewing all of their collections. What beautiful designer handbags! I loved their esthetic and way with color, function, and design. All of the bags looked useful yet also fashion forward and chic. What more could a fashionista ask for.

I found their clutches. They are called the “Milton” clutches and made up of four designs. Just my luck several of them had a beautiful snake pattern in the most amazing colors. Reading each description I learned the leathers were all lambskin. Oh how much do I love buttery soft lambskin. And it often retains its shape well, too. The silver front clasps were so minimalist and effortlessly chic. And the size and shape was exactly what I was looking for. Square and large, but not too big. It would fit perfectly under my arm.

Designer Handbags

I cannot wait for my new PLIA Designs clutches to arrive. I set out to find these exact clutches. They will fit in very well with my autumn wardrobe. Now just to give my credit card a rest so I can later order more handbags from the line.

My Brand New PLIA Designs Designer Handbag

It has been a long time since I acquired a new handbag. Not because I don’t know what styles are popular or I don’t love fashion, but I rarely have time to myself to shop. I am constantly writing fashion reviews or write-ups and articles for major glossies. I am surrounded by fashion. Some of the best of fashion and design in the world. Since I was a child, I have had a deep love and appreciation for fashion. But I rarely get a lot of free time to go shopping and when I do have some down time the last thing on earth I want to do is spend it in a boring department store. However, I needed a new handbag to carry me through autumn and winter. It had to be large and roomy inside to carry all of my necessities. And it also needed to be fashion forward and stylish. And as many of you know, I dread logos so of course my new handbag had to be logo-free.

I don’t mind spending money on a designer bag because I know the quality and material is outstanding. But I also have a limit to what I will spend. My handbags travel the world with me and that inevitably leads to wear and tear. Whether they are in front of me under a seat on a plane or next to my chair on the floor at a fashion show, my handbags are put through a lot. Any new handbag I chose needed to be durable and able to keep up with the demands of my job as a busy fashion editor. And it had to be able to hold my beloved laptop and iPad. I have to write a lot and I use both of those to type my reviews on a daily basis.

Designer Handbags

I’d read about PLIA Designs. They are a line of designer handbags, satchels, carryalls, and leather goods. One of their bestsellers is called the Reid courier satchel. I logged onto their beautiful website and ordered the satchel in Posey Street. It is a pretty green nylon twill with sleep bleack leather. It was the perfect color combination. The bottom is full leather. And the price was amazingly affordable. I couldn’t wait for my new PLIA Designs designer bag to arrive. Six days later, UPS delivered my new bag to my office. When taking my new handbag out of its sleeper bag, I could immediately smell its delicious leather. The craftsmanship up close was absolutely amazing. The interior was stunning. It contained an iPad pocket, two smartphone pockets, and even a leather credit card and ID holder. My laptop would definitely fit comfortably inside. I absolutely love my brand new PLIA Designs designer handbag. It is phenomenal. I will be telling all of my fashion friends about this amazing line.

The Perfect Small Satchel

I needed some more color added to my wardrobe. Nothing that everything I wear and carry is black or grey, but I really wanted some bright pops on non obnoxious hues. Sometimes colorful can be either too bright or too overwhelming. I wanted color, but not an overwhelming color or print. I also wasn’t sure if I need more colorful clothing or handbags. Sure I had a few non black handbags, but I truly did not have any handbags with interesting color prints. I decided to go with handbags instead of clothing for my color addition to the wardrobe.

After deciding it would be a handbag to add to my wardrobe, I went about deciding what sort of colors I exactly needed to add. Did I want a solid color or several colors in one. I thought beautiful printed bag would be great to add to my assortment of designer handbags. I also wanted it to be a satchel style. One of my best friends recently received a tote from PLIA Designs and she said the same print was also in their small Reid collection.

PLIA Designs is a purveyor of designer handbags, leather goods, satchels, purses, and carryalls. The hallmark of this accessories firm is their dedication to quality and craftsmanship. In an era where so many purses are mass produced, PLIA Designs has a very firm commitment to making each of their designer handbags one at a time. A trained leather craftsman of the highest calibre creates each handbag piece by piece. This is not a design firm that believes in mass production.

My friend emailed me PLIA Designs website. It was love at first site. Ha! It is a beautifully laid out and well executed e-commerce platform. Rarely do brands have such beautiful websites. There is no flash to slow down the loading time or distracting banners to sign up for their email list. It’s a lovely shopping experience with nice graphics. On PLIA’s collections pages I spotted the small Reid satchel group. I clicked on the graphic.

designer handbags

To my delight, the small Reid collection come in a variety of colors. There is a very bright pink leather body called Jester Street. Lacey Street is a stunningly beautiful grape print. I have never seen a print exactly like this before. It is so extraordinary and unique. I quickly added that one to my shopping cart. Regent Street is a colorful women fabric pattern. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of splashes of color for my wardrobe. I added Regent Street to my shopping cart as well. I couldn’t wait for my new PLIA Designs handbags to arrive. These two handbags are absolutely the perfect small satchels. And I also solved the problem of adding color to my wardrobe, too!

Instagram and Designer Handbags

It is no wonder that Instagram is such a popular app. It’s so simple and sleek. Instagram is based around photos. There is no need to write complicated text or hourly updates. Simply take a picture and upload it to the app. One thing you will quickly discover are all of the style bloggers and style stars on Instagram. There are so many of them! Not all of them are of the same caliber. The Blonde Salad has two million Instagram followers. Gary Pepper Girl showcases the most beautiful fashion photos through a very focused and unique lens. Her photos are beautiful.

Many famous instagrammers with thousands of followers love to show off their designer handbags. There are literally millions of photos dedicated to designer bags, etc. From Valentino rockstud bag to Chanel’s Boy bag, everyone is showing off their designer wares; specifically handbags. Perhaps you have favorite style stars online that you have also noticed displaying their bags and leather goods. It’s easy to photograph a bag and set up the shoot. Let’s face it, not everyone has amazing feet, so foot shots aren’t always the best. However, handbags are super easy to shoot. You don’t have to be visiting a far flung glamorous locale to snap a good shot of a designer handbag. As long as you know how to snap a decent picture, you can take a great photograph of a handbag and easily upload it to Instagram.

One of my favorite handbag lines I’ve discovered on Instagram is PLIA Designs. The Blonde Salad owns one of their bags. So does Liberty Lndn Girl and many others. They are beautiful handcrafted designer handbags. Many of my girlfriends love them, too. We simply love they are not dripping in logos. PLIA Designs even stands up to Valentino, Chanel, and Prada. The quality of their bags in photos is absolutely amazing. PLIA’s Reid satchels, French Toast toes, and even designer iPhone cases are showed daily on Instagram. I especially love that they come up with their own designs. They don’t copy from other design houses. You can tell the designer really respects design and craftsmanship.

I couldn’t help myself, I logged onto their website: www.PliaDesigns.com and ordered several handbags. My credit card needs a rest! The good news is their leather goods aren’t as overpriced as many designer handbags. The day after my PLIA Designs handbags arrived, I noticed VOGUE did a one page spread on this new design house. I felt like an insider reading this amazing article. It was like I knew about these beautiful bags before the rest of the fashion pack. PLIA Designs designer handbags will be a staple in my wardrobe for many years to come.