Designer Bag of the Week

There are many articles and style blog posts about PLIA Designs’ original large Reid satchel.  It’s one of those amazing designer handbags that truly becomes a power house.  However, I discovered they recently added a new smaller size to this line of Reid designs.  It is a very unique silhouette to begin with.  A completely original design that has never been seen before.  And in fashion circles, it seems like we have seen everything.  PLIA Designs Reid satchel deserves a lot of press and praise.  It is a design that will never go out of style.  So of course when I learned that the design firm had released another size, I couldn’t wait to see it.

Within a week, PLIA’s new small Reid satchel debuted on their website:   I was bowled over by their selection of prints and color.  I know a lot of fashionables like to carry a neutral handbag.  Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes a shot of color in your wardrobe is a necessity.  There is no need to keep buying a black handbag over and over.  Yes the style may be different, but it’s still black and boring.

The small Reid satchel comes in six color ways:  Lacey Street, King Street, Regent Street, Jester Street, and Cadiz Street.  Lacey Street is the style I ordered right away.  I’m obsessed with this blueberry print!  This print is interesting because it has subtle pops of color, but it also is subdued and even slightly nostalgic or haunting.  A print that would be popular in England back in the 1700’s.  It is an unforgettable print.

When my new PLIA Designs’ handbag arrived, I was over the moon!  After opening the box, the first things I noticed was the lovely dustbag.  I hate when companies scrimp and try to save money using cheap fabric for the dustbag.  Well let me tell you, PLIA’s dustbags are absolutely amazing and the material is superb.  Taking my new handbag from the dustbag, I was more in awe.  The blueberry print fabric is even more beautiful in person.  Even though there is color in the print, they are very neutral colors.  This handbag will go with nearly every outfit I own.  The fabric is a tightly woman sateen canvas.  I’ve actually never seen a handbag material like this before.  It’s incredibly durable yet has the appearance of an expensive evening bag.

The interior is crafted of a lovely quilted material.  It’s not your typical boring black interior.  What I love with PLIA Designs handbags is the attention to detail.  How many designers remember to add an iPad pocket to the interior of their bags?  Not many.  I simply LOVE my Lacey Street handbag from PLIA Designs.  It’s one of the best designer handbags I’ve owned in a very long time.