The Ultimate Designer Handbags at Fashion Week

Every season there is always a lot of buzz around fashion week. There are fashion week survival kits, fashion week tips and tricks in the beauty department, and even fashion week vitamins to take for stamina. Honestly, it’s all a bit much. I miss the days where not everyone had the same amount of access to the shows. Now any blogger can request a ticket and attend numerous designers shows. There used to be a mystique surrounding fashion week and not to sound snobby, but I miss that. They mayhem and almost circus-like atmosphere has watered down the fashion experience. Not to mention everyone wants to be photographed either at the shows or coming and going from the shows.

One thing I do enjoy about fashion week are all of the beautiful designer handbags. I absolutely adore the fashionistas who take risks. They get that fashion is about exploration and discovery. These are the bold faced names who don’t wear the same designer as everyone else. In fact they would rather wear a potato sack than be caught in a label the masses are wearing. They prefer to keep cool new designers between themselves as a sort of fashion secret. The more a designer is on the down low, the better for them. Nor would they carry the same handbag hanging from the arm of every blogger and street style star. These girls know that accessories are important and play a major impact on your whole look and overall style. They also shun logos. Outside a few shows I noticed a beautiful clutch tucked under the arms of three of my favorite fashion editors. They work at major fashion glossies and are surrounded by the best designers and labels in the world. I look to these fashion editors for inspiration. I’ve been known to copy some of their outfits; including handbags. But this clutch was different than any I had seen before. It was large and square without being too big and clumsy. The leather was a beautifully patterned snake skin. To tie it all together was a black leather flap with the chicest silver clasp.

Designer Handbags

For days I wondered about these clutch handbags and who made them. Then on Friday towards the end of fashion week I overhead two ladies in the tent. They were talking about the bags as well and I learned they come from the fashion house PLIA Designs. I also learned they are behind the chic satchel bags other fashionistas had been carrying all week. Finally I had a name. The search online was easy and I quickly bookmarked their website. Without a double, PLIA Designs were the best designer handbags at fashion week.

Lovely Designer Handbags

Handbags have been around for centuries. In the past, men were even known to carry handbags. Today if a man carries a satchel for work or travel, we call it a man purse or even a ‘murse.’ Little girls often carry a purse to imitate their mothers. I know several friends who carried small handbags when they were just two or three. Most of the time the handbags were empty or maybe a crayon was inside, but for the most part they wanted to be just like the grown up ladies they saw around them. Imitation is the highest form of flattery they say.

From a very young age, girls are tuned into what others are wearing and carrying. Carrying a handbag for many women is the same as putting on shoes in the morning. They won’t leave the house without one. This is why luxury labels have such an effect on consumers. At such a small age, children are exposed to designer labels and logos. Even if their parents don’t wear the labels, children recognize the brand and their branding efforts from magazines and advertisements. Brand recognition begins early for many humans. A person may dislike shopping, but even those types of consumers still know and understand a label and have the ability to acknowledge and distinguish between luxury brands.

There is a luxury brand on my radar that many other fashion insiders also adore. They specialize in women’s accessories. The brand is PLIA Designs and they craft the most delicious designer handbags, purses, satchels, and leather goods. What I love about PLIA Designs is it is not logo based. Their handbags are not splashed with gaudy logos and they are incredibly serious about craftsmanship. This is a luxury brand for the discerning customer. If you must show the world your status by displaying a gaudy logo, then this is not the brand for you. Logo lovers are better off shopping at TJ Maxx as much of their merchandise in the handbags and accessories area is smothered with logos. You can’t pick up a bag without it having at least 2 logos imprinted on the fabric or leather.

Designer Handbags

But there are also many people like me who prefer a quiet and low key luxury experience. We don’t need to brag and let everyone know the cost of what we are wearing or carrying. PLIA Designs is the perfect luxury handbag label because it is so discreet.