The World of Designer iPhone Cases

We live in a designer world. You can’t open a glossy fashion magazine without spotting designer handbags; there are designer shoes; designer cars; even designer babies. You can now practically choose the looks of your future baby. Not all designer fashion is equally made. I’ve seen $2,000 handbags that do not warrant such a high price tag. They are crafted of less than stellar leather and their interiors are often cheap as if they are an afterthought. It’s annoying to mull over a lovely handbag only to find that the inside is made up of cheap, flimsy fabric and plastic zippers. I equate the interior of a handbag to that of a house. One would believe that a beautiful exterior of a home would also lead inside to an equally as pretty interior. It’s expected that a luxury handbag would reveal a beautiful interior. Not only do I expect my designer handbags to be well crafted, but also other accessories such as iPhone cases.

Designer iPhone cases have really taken off over the past two years. Their popularity is not surprising considering how many of us are glued to our smartphones. I’m guilty as charged. I probably check my email on my iPhone at least 20 times a day if not more. I’m glued to Instagram; it’s my favorite social media app. I love keeping up with my friends and even work colleagues on Instagram. Instagram is so easy to use since posts are based around a single image or a collage of images. Other social media apps require too much text and their layouts are often cluttered. It’s distracting to log onto to a site or an app and there is too much text, too many ads, and essentially too much on one page. I prefer clean layouts for most websites and that includes those I use for social media. Since Instagram has a clean layout, that’s where I spend most of my time catching up with friends. One major fashion trend on Instagram are cute iPhone cases. It seems that nearly every fashionable in the social media sphere have large and growing collections of unique cases. I love this trend. Iphone cases photograph well and it makes sense they are so wildly popular on Instagram.

designer iphone cases

Through Instagram, I discovered PLIA Designs. They make a beautiful range of designer iPhone cases. There are many Instagram stars who photograph their PLIA Designs iPhone cases on a near daily basis. Not only are PLIA cases cute, they are also protective. The protective design they use is fairly slim. I don’t like using a bulky case to protect my iPhone 6+. I’m happy to admit, I own every case. Who wouldn’t love an iPhone case covered in delectable French pastries? Macarons aren’t only to eat, now they have a purpose in the tech world as well. Macarons are tech chic if you will. I love that PLIA cases are original and unique. I know that no everyone will be covering their iPhone in these cases. They are for those in the know. It’s easy to see why PLIA Designs has the bases covered when it comes to designer iPhone cases.