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Over the past six months I’ve noticed an interesting development in the world of fashion.  More specifically within in the world of accessories.  Handbags have always been popular with consumers.  Throughout a span of ten years, handbags have continued to sell at an incredibly fast pace.  It seems as though you couldn’t open a fashion glossy without starting at thousand and two thousand dollar handbags.  A certain type of consumer even evolved around these handbags.  This specific handbag consumer would never think of spending a months rent on clothing and shoes, but she somehow came around to accepting the high price tag for handbags.  It’s fascinating that a large group of consumers who at one time would have balked at the price of a designer handbag, have now come around to accepting it.  However, there has been a slight shift within the layers of the accessory world and many consumers aren’t purchasing as many handbags as they once did.

Consumers are starting to move away from handbags and into other areas of accessories.  Small leather goods are starting to sell at a very swift pace.  Large and small wallets a like are growing in popularity.  Nearly every fashionable carries a wallet, so it makes sense that leather wallets are popular.  I also believe shoppers are weary of handbags with hefty price tags.  Perhaps some realized over time that the handbags simply aren’t worth it or they didn’t live up to the hype.  I’ve heard from several friends and shoppers who have emailed me that their dream bags fell apart after only a few times carrying them.  Can you imagine saving your hard earned money and handing over twelve hundred dollars for a lovely handbag for it to fall apart only a few months after purchasing?  I would be livid to say the least.  What has happened to old-world craftsmanship?  Where did the time and dedication it once took to craft a product disappear to?  And will this sort of craftsmanship ever return?  As a consumer and a writer, I’d like to know.  Believe me, I’ve owned many well known handbags over the years and some are still a part of my wardrobe, while several didn’t hold up as well as expected.  Simply put, quality is just as important today as it was decades ago.  We still expect our products to live up to their hype and to last past several wearings.

designer iphone cases

In the past year, tech accessories have exploded.  Shoppers now see beautifully designed tech accessories displayed alongside expensive handbags, wallets, and leather goods.  It should be of no surprise how much we all love our smartphones.  I’m constantly glued to my iPhone.  If someone took my iPhone away, I’d probably break down in tears and throw a tantrum.  I love seeing the growing niche of tech accessories.  I have a growing collection of designer iPhone cases.  I love my iPhone cases and I’m constantly stopped to be complimented on them or to be asked where they were purchased.  Designer iPhone cases are perhaps one of the most important accessories in the marketplace at this time.

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