My New Autumn Clutches

Summer is nearing to an end and my wardrobe is screaming for new clutches and handbags for autumn. I especially need new clutches. A style and silhouette that is large enough to hold more than a cell phone, but not too big that it looks gigantic and cartoonish. Sometimes overly big clutches can look really awkward. I also prefer leather that is sturdy, but not too stiff. I have noticed many popular clutches have thin leather and when you put something inside it makes the clutch sag and look messy. Maybe a hipster likes lifeless leather, but I do not.

I also wanted clutches with color or at least an interesting print. Something that would go with a variety of outfits even those for work. There are times when I only carry my iPad to work so it would be feasible to use a new clutch on those days. I recently bought q keyboard for my iPad and I find it very easy to write my fashion reviews this way. Of course I’m attached to my laptop, but it’s nice to be able to use just one tech item for word processing and the iPad is so slim.

Several of my fashion editor friends recently bought beautiful clutches from PLIA Designs. This brand makes a range of designer handbags, satchels, purses, carryalls, and leather goods. One friend told me she liked it because it fit her iPad inside. Well after hearing that I knew I immediately must look into the line. I was forwarded PLIA Designs website. I spent a long time viewing all of their collections. What beautiful designer handbags! I loved their esthetic and way with color, function, and design. All of the bags looked useful yet also fashion forward and chic. What more could a fashionista ask for.

I found their clutches. They are called the “Milton” clutches and made up of four designs. Just my luck several of them had a beautiful snake pattern in the most amazing colors. Reading each description I learned the leathers were all lambskin. Oh how much do I love buttery soft lambskin. And it often retains its shape well, too. The silver front clasps were so minimalist and effortlessly chic. And the size and shape was exactly what I was looking for. Square and large, but not too big. It would fit perfectly under my arm.

Designer Handbags

I cannot wait for my new PLIA Designs clutches to arrive. I set out to find these exact clutches. They will fit in very well with my autumn wardrobe. Now just to give my credit card a rest so I can later order more handbags from the line.

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