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My quest to find the best satchel and carryall was an incredibly long journey. As I’ve stated before, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of shopping malls. Sometimes during the Christmas holiday they are fun to visit with all of the pretty decorations. Many upscale malls really go all out for Christmas so that part is nice to see. However, ordinary malls can be a complete bore. There is a lack of creativity and unique fashion. It’s all about boring stores where the masses all shop so they can all look alike. Not to say that shoppers at these malls have no individual fashion sense, but the stores themselves do not stock interesting wares. I believe shoppers would have elevated fashion sense if the buyers brought in better merchandise. A brand like Michael Kors is now everywhere. It’s a brand that is over saturated. It is available in so many department stores as well as TJ Max. Who wants to carry the same handbag that everyone else already owns? I know that may sound appealing to many, but it does not to me. I don’t want my fashion sense to look like every other fashionista out there.

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I did browse many department stores for the perfect satchel. Sometimes it was fun, but most of the time it was boring. After looking at a sea of uninspiring bags, I was let down and uninspired. I didn’t know what to do or where to look. I didn’t have time to visit the high end department stores in New York city or Paris. My free time is very important to me. I rarely get a proper vacation, let alone time to drop everything and take an exotic shopping trip. (Although it does sound fun!) One Friday evening, I was flipping through all of the new monthly glossies. I always look forward to my new magazines each month. It’s such a fun indulgence. While scanning the INDEX in the back of VOGUE, I noticed a beautiful navy and black satchel. I love navy as it goes with nearly everything and is very much a neutral color. Black and navy combination is simply perfect. They both are dark yet not the same color. I thought immediately that this was the handbag that would deliver. It was exactly what I was looking for. I quickly logged onto the brands website. The brad is called PLIA Designs. There were only 4 of the featured satchels left. I hit ‘buy’ as fast I could.

When my new PLIA Designs Reid satchel arrived I simply couldn’t believe it. It was one of the best designer handbags I have ever purchased! I’ve already ordered several more in different colorways. It’s so roomy yet light to carry. I love this bag!

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