Instagram and Designer Handbags

It is no wonder that Instagram is such a popular app. It’s so simple and sleek. Instagram is based around photos. There is no need to write complicated text or hourly updates. Simply take a picture and upload it to the app. One thing you will quickly discover are all of the style bloggers and style stars on Instagram. There are so many of them! Not all of them are of the same caliber. The Blonde Salad has two million Instagram followers. Gary Pepper Girl showcases the most beautiful fashion photos through a very focused and unique lens. Her photos are beautiful.

Many famous instagrammers with thousands of followers love to show off their designer handbags. There are literally millions of photos dedicated to designer bags, etc. From Valentino rockstud bag to Chanel’s Boy bag, everyone is showing off their designer wares; specifically handbags. Perhaps you have favorite style stars online that you have also noticed displaying their bags and leather goods. It’s easy to photograph a bag and set up the shoot. Let’s face it, not everyone has amazing feet, so foot shots aren’t always the best. However, handbags are super easy to shoot. You don’t have to be visiting a far flung glamorous locale to snap a good shot of a designer handbag. As long as you know how to snap a decent picture, you can take a great photograph of a handbag and easily upload it to Instagram.

One of my favorite handbag lines I’ve discovered on Instagram is PLIA Designs. The Blonde Salad owns one of their bags. So does Liberty Lndn Girl and many others. They are beautiful handcrafted designer handbags. Many of my girlfriends love them, too. We simply love they are not dripping in logos. PLIA Designs even stands up to Valentino, Chanel, and Prada. The quality of their bags in photos is absolutely amazing. PLIA’s Reid satchels, French Toast toes, and even designer iPhone cases are showed daily on Instagram. I especially love that they come up with their own designs. They don’t copy from other design houses. You can tell the designer really respects design and craftsmanship.

I couldn’t help myself, I logged onto their website: and ordered several handbags. My credit card needs a rest! The good news is their leather goods aren’t as overpriced as many designer handbags. The day after my PLIA Designs handbags arrived, I noticed VOGUE did a one page spread on this new design house. I felt like an insider reading this amazing article. It was like I knew about these beautiful bags before the rest of the fashion pack. PLIA Designs designer handbags will be a staple in my wardrobe for many years to come.

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